Preparing Your Files

Choose one of the methods below to prepare your files for processing.

Document Format



It will keep all your margins, formatting, fonts and graphics intact.
PDF files are compact and cross platform.
PDF files can be created directly from Adobe's software programs without additional software.

Adobe Acrobat software must be purchased to create PDF documents.
PDF files are not good for the 4-color process.
PDF files must be formatted properly.

pplication Format

No additional software required.
Copy World's preferred method of file submission.
Files can be edited at Copy World.
Please include all fonts and graphics used.

May not print properly.
May lose fonts and formatting.
Microsoft products not recommended for 4-color process or separated artwork.
Files can be created directly from all leading software applications.
It's a ready-to-print file, self-contained and formatted.
Files are compatible with PostScript printers at Copy World.

Files can be significantly larger than the original file.
Cannot be edited or easily previewed before printing.
PostScript files may be printer-specific, depending on the printer driver used to create them.

Preparing PDF Files Bringing Copy World your files in Adobe PDF format is the single best way to keep all your margins, formatting, fonts and graphics intact, but if they are not created properly they will not print properly. They are best used for proofing purposes only.
Original Application Format Copy World accepts files submitted in the format of the program in which they were originally created, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PageMaker.
Preparing PostScript Files Using Adobe PostScript to prepare your files is a good bet when you don't know whether Copy World has your same application version and fonts, but check with us first. We accept most software applications.

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